All Candidates Meeting




Dear Members and Candidates,

As a follow up to our invitation to the All Candidates Meeting Sunday October 26 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm,
I am pleased to provide the following information:

Meeting Format:
All seven Candidates will be given 3 minutes each to introduce themselves (Order will be by draw).
The meeting will then be opened to questions from the floor.

Question Format:
We will provide question forms for the audience to ask questions for a category of Trustees, Director
or School Board.
The question sequence will be determined by a draw. Candidates have 1 minute for their answers.
The form will be handed to and the question will be asked by the individual that submitted the question.
All questions will be directed to respective candidates (for Trustee, Director or School Board) and each
candidate will be given 1 minute to respond.
Questions to be brief and precise and must deal with specific Policy, Issues or Procedure, Not Individuals.
If a question is deemed inappropriate it will be disallowed
Each candidate will be given 3 minutes for closing comments (Order will be reverse of introductions).

Agricultural Hall, 530 Fernhill Road (Miners Bay Village)
Sunday October 26th
Time: 1 – 3pm

Moderator: Jon Hoff

Candidates: There will be space inside for candidate information brochures, etc. You are welcome to greet people outside of the door prior to the meeting or have a representative hand out brochures. The meeting will end
approximately at 3:00 – please be prepared to extend your schedule if the meeting runs long or voters want to chat with you after the meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need further details.
Thank you,
Colleen Ming,
Forum Coordinator