October 2011 Newsletter

Island Trust All Candidates Meeting Oct 29th

Sponsored by MIRRA

October 29th, 1 PM, Ag Hall


It’s hiring time at the old sausage factory again. Despite repeated warnings to the squeamish about witnessing the gory processes that sustain the body, physical and politic, candidates are lining up once more. As lovers of good government (and sausages), we must applaud their stalwart commitment to community service. Much depends on the people who are willing to accept difficult, sometimes unpleasant tasks. As connoisseurs of political hope and change, we the electors must determine which candidates will best serve Mayne Island.

Voters are notoriously picky, even down-right cynical sometimes, and manage to find fault with the limited spectrum of choices between the veteran’s experienced aplomb and the fresh idealism of a first-timer. Truly, we are the employers from hell, and those who would serve will definitely earn their pay. And to be fair, those of us who will never offer ourselves for the position of Island Trustee should remember to thank those who do.


As mentioned in last month’s column, there are new tensions in the air this election cycle. Gulf Islanders are beginning to look for more directly democratic governance than the trustee/ward model. Despite putting on the bureaucratic pounds, the Trust is really hitting its stride, and expanding into new areas. Permanent staff naturally network with peers in other jurisdictions within and without Canada, with the result that agendas tend to arrive at, rather than arise within our communities. Do you suppose that most Gulf Islanders are aware of impending policy developments such as “Smart Development” and “Green Shores”? This is starting to look like technocratic government by policy module. Is this what we want? Is it necessary? And when and where was it discussed? The Trust pays lip service to preserving and protecting rural ambience, but this looks more like urban-centered remote-management of rural assets — subtly incremented so as not to panic the livestock. As a mature community, Mayne Island does not need externally imposed mandates; we should be represented by people who understand where the community’s vision comes from, and how best to preserve it from metastasizing bureaucracy. Please. Thank you.


  • Nominations open Oct 4th and close the 14th.
  • Nov 9th advance polling day
  • Nov 19th General Voting Day
  • You do not have to live in the jurisdiction in which you are running for office. (Dalai Lama? Lady Gaga?)


MIRRA AGM Resheduled!

Due to late-breaking circumstances, the MIRRA AGM originally planned for October 8th has been rescheduled to SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1 pm at the Community Centre.

Our apologies for any inconvience. We look forward to seeing you then.

If governance and local politics didn’t interest you, you wouldn’t have read this far. Might be time to admit you care deeply about how these things affect the quality of life in our community, and come out to MIRRA’s AGM. Issues of importance considered in an atmosphere of amiable civility, accompanied by refreshments. Memberships are $10, available at the door, and from MIRRA directors. Your support keeps MIRRA supporting good government.

 PS Any cartoonists out there that would like to work with MIRRA on political commentary?

 Respectfully submitted by the MIRRA Executive:

Barry Wilks, Colleen Ming, Dave Lindquist, Bill Borges, Wayne Ming