April 2011 Newsletter

What’s Next?

The directors of MIRRA would like to thank all those who worked on the recent referendum.
Particularly, we would like to thank the folks who contributed their time and support to our campaign: the 16 enthusiastic scrutineers, those who wrote letters and spoke publicly, and those who made donations to ensure the community received the information it needed to make an informed decision.

As most of you are aware, the referendum to borrow up to $3.4 million to construct a new fire hall was soundly defeated. Our interpretation of this vote is that most residents want the fire hall issue solved; they just don’t want to pay $3.4 million, plus 20 years of interest. Mayne Islanders are now asking “What is the next step?” MIRRA would like input from our members and the general public on any future fire hall debate. As opponents of the last proposal, we must be prepared to support or suggest recommendations.

The funding and management of the fire hall is the responsibility of the Mayne Island Improvement District. MIID has an AGM scheduled for Saturday, April 16th, where four Trustee positions will be filled by election of qualified property owners. This new board will have the task of moving forward with a new plan for the fire hall that meets the needs of the community, while respecting financial constraints that voters so emphatically demanded. It is important that voters follow through on their intentions by attending this meeting and supporting candidates who respect their demonstrated will. This project needs to be retrieved as soon as possible by new Trustees who will need to bring refreshed competence and commitment. Candidates will soon become apparent; make sure you take the opportunity at the AGM to review the abilities and vision they offer.

Once again, we thank the community for its ongoing support, and we will continue to keep you updated as the “what’s next” unfolds. MIRRA will strive to continue being a community voice through:
Scrutinizing taxation;
Lobbying government and officials;
Monitoring governing processes;
Communicating with residents and ratepayers.

MIRRA Executive
Wayne Ming, Bill Borges, Barry Wilks, Colleen Ming, Bob McKinnon, Dave Lindquist