Mayne Island Residents and Ratepayers Association September Newsletter

Queen of Nanaimo: August 3rd saw Mayne Island at it’s finest in the aftermath of the acci- dent when the ferry Queen of Nanaimo attempted to move us closer to our friends on Saturna. The response from our Ambulance Crew, Mayne Island Fire, Mayne Island Emergency Services, Southern Gulf Islands Emergency Program, RCMP, BCFS staff and count- less others in a clear, coordinated manner were a strong indication that, as a community, we are in good hands. This extended to the crew of the Queen of Cumberland who, on the mid-day sailing, took on all of the evacuees from the Nanaimo and the Mayne Island traffic. The crew had free beverage stations set up, kept everyone informed and ensured a speedy unloading at Swartz Bay. Well done.

BC Ferries: August 3 also saw BC Ferries community forum with regard to the proposed deck allocation on the 11:05 sailing of the Mayne Queen. Despite the previous claims that no concerns had been raised about this proposal, 100% of those in attendance were not in favour of this idea. The message was received and the feedback will go back to BCFS. It was also chilling to learn from our local Ferry Advisory Committee that the BCFS were not aware that Mayne Island had experienced any vehicle overloads at Miners Bay in recent years. It was requested that the terminal staff record all vehicles turned back due to over- loading. If you are turned back at the booth because of overload, please request that you be recorded as an overload vehicle – these numbers are critical for planning by BCFS. Overloads are not a daily occurrence, but they do happen. Pender Island records every ve- hicle that does not make it aboard a sailing and uses this information to lobby for more sail- ings; we need this same information to insure BCFS is fully aware of traffic issues on all islands.

Fire Hall: The Improvement District continues to make progress with the proposed Fire Hall replacement. The September 4 public information meeting has been delayed.

MIRRA AGM: Mayne Island Residents and Ratepayers Association is having its Annual General Meeting on October 11th, 2010, 7 pm at the Community Centre. Membership re- newals are due at that time, available at the door: $10. If you care about the issues that MIRRA addresses, please attend, and further, consider serving on the board. Nominations from the floor are encouraged and welcome. No other community organization addresses the range of issues that MIRRA does. Many of you have let us know that you care, and ap- preciate the efforts. Your support and energies would be highly valued.

Submitted by the MIRRA executive on behalf of its members.